Thassos Crushing Plant

The plant is located at the northeast part of Thassos Island, in Saliara region, nearby LAZARIDIS MARMOR SA’S quarry where the raw material comes from.

The plant is equipped with primary, secondary and tertiary crushing and milling units. Screening and sieving equipment guarantees uniformity and stability of the final products.

Highly skilled front end loader and dumper truck operators create a feed stock pile through selective sorting from the quarry’s waste rock or directly from the quarry production benches. The size of the material is reduced with a hydraulic hammer and the output is fed for primary crushing into a jaw crusher. Secondary crushing follows with a horizontal shaft crusher. Tertiary crushing is done with a hammer mill. Intermediate screening and sorting is carried out with inclined vibrating screen decks.

Key characteristic of our products is their unique whiteness. The product range varies from cobbles down to fine sands.

Grade Size(mm)
Chips 8-16
Chips 4-8
Coarse Sand 2-4
Fine Sand 0-1,5

Our material can be loaded Bulk with shipments from “Filippos B” port in Kavala in conventional ship or directly to the quarry on truck. In case of packing, Big Bags of 1.5TN are being used.

Our products cover a wide range of applications:
  -Landscape architecture and garden decoration
  -Terrazzo flooring, resin or cement bonded tiles and slabs, agglomerated marble
  -Plasters, mortars, adhesives
  -Agrochemicals and soil reconditioning



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