The adoption and implementation of the Quality Guarantee processes in the whole spectrum of the production and sale of marble, constitutes the basic principle of operation in the company.

Certificate of Environmental Management ISO 14001/1996.

The mining activity is strongly connected to the environment and the physiognomy of the region. The marble is extracted from the ground and this involves alterations and disturbances in the geomorphology and the vegetation of the landscape. The environmental policy followed by LAZARIDIS MARMOR S.A. takes into consideration the respect and care of the environment. It is based on the observance of the strictest criteria and regulations on issues regarding the restoration of the areas of intervention. The company's strong sensitivity to environmental level has been recognized by the International Environmental Management Certificate ISO 14001.

Certificate of Quality ISO 9001/2000

The basic principle of operation of the company is offering its clients a wide range of high quality marble products and by-products. LAZARIDIS’ MARMOR S.A. priority is to ensure excellent quality materials in combination with direct and effective service of the customers. The establishment and application of the Quality System ISO 9001:2000 certifies the company’s reliability and long-lasting prospect.


Our company, adhering to the European Legislation (Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC), has performed the initial type-testing for the relevant characteristics that shall each time be declared in accordance with the provisions of the corresponding European Standards

  • EN 1469:2004 “Natural stone products - Slabs for cladding – Requirements”
  • ΕΝ 12057:2004 “Natural stone products - Modular tiles – Requirements”
  • EN 12058:2004 “Natural stone products - Slabs for floors and stairs – Requirements”
  • EN 1341:2002 “Slabs of natural stone for external paving – Requirements and test methods”

and having implemented a Factory Production Control, prepared and retains Declarations of Conformity which authorizes the affixing of the CE marking for our products, (Kulp, Polaris, Golden Brown, Thassos Lazaridis Waterfall, Volakas White, Kyknos White, Victory White).

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